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Royal Boarding
  • First Toy Dogs                                                  $22.00

  • Second Toy Dog in the same run                      $15.40

  • First Small Dog                                                  $23.00

  • Second Small Dog in same run                         $16.10

  • First Medium Dog                                              $24.00

  • Second Medium Dog in same run                      $16.80

  • First Large Dog                                                 $25.00

  • Second Large Dog in same run                         $17.50
Boarding rates
Required Shots
Dog Boarding
• Our staff  has a genuine love for animals and is trained to care!
• Our kennel has 24 hour supervision.
• We supply food but you are welcome to bring your dogs food.
• We will take your dog for a walk or give him yard time (for a fee of    
$3.00 per time). Although it is not needed
• We give medicines to dogs who are on medication at no extra charge.
• You can bring your pets favorites blanket, toys and treats.

Tours of our boarding facilities are always available                            
We also offer Walks, Yard-playtime and Grooming services

For safety reasons we do not accept animals under the age
of six month. Or with out full shot records.
Royal boarding Kennels
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